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Natural Gas Consulting & Broker Services

Have you been working with a single gas supplier for years or are you still buying your natural gas from the utility? Do you understand all the options available to you on the market? Are you being provided monthly savings reports?  No matter if you are currently with the utility or with a gas supplier, find out why our clients enjoy switching to MEP and enjoy savings of 10% to 30% above their current natural gas supplier and utility company by following our simple program.


MEP clients have an average savings of 10% to 30% on their natural gas costs


Our caring and friendly staff provide comprehensive natural gas  procurement solutions for schools and public facilities like yours.  We are a natural gas broker & consultant that analyzes your options, competitively bids your natural gas to the market, and actively manages your program going forward. We are continually monitoring the wholesale market, analyze market data, and make informed purchasing decisions for our customers.

Schools & Public Entities

Schools & Public Entities

Commercial & Industrial

Commercial & Industrial


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