Natural Gas Procurement Brokers and Consultants That Work for You

There are distinguishing factors in choosing a natural gas procurement broker and consultant, and this is what sets MEP Solutions apart:

The natural gas marketplace is similar to the medical marketplace in terms of complex technical language and the level of understanding needed to navigate its waters. MEP Solutions has the technical skills and knowledge to traverse these waters. Moreover, we are willing to train and pass along that expertise as desired by the customer.

MEP Solutions acts strictly as a buyer’s agent. MEP Solutions is prohibited from seeking payment from any supplier.  Our fees are determined based upon volume and meters being serviced by our program to make it the most equitable program possible.

MEP Solutions helps clients to understand both the physical and financial implications of the natural gas marketplace. We sit down with your personnel to insure they are familiar with any risks and we work together to develop a custom plan to meet your budget and make you comfortable with any possible risks that may be present in the market place.

MEP Solutions competes your business to insure that you get the best price available in the marketplace under the best and most equitable gas contract. Period! The Midwest has many suppliers to choose from. Our team helps you to reach those suppliers and to evaluate the best proposals for your situation and risk profile.

MEP Solutions, acting as Broker Agent & Consultant, shares all the wholesale natural gas data with you the client. Requests for bids, bid results, transaction, and any other documents necessary to take you to through the program, will be available to you. Pricing will be complete utilizing known and published industry pricing mechanisms so that the price is clear and auditable. The bottom line is that you should never be surprised when your bill arrives.

By following the principles of the MEP Solutions procurement process we will save you money. Most clients experience a NET savings of 10% to 30% over their current program or utility bills.  Our best practices competitive program will insure the best prices in the marketplace. Transparency will allow open communications and foster understanding and accurate assessments. Working together, these tools will help you to save money on your natural gas purchasing program which is proven through our monthly metrics reports.

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