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Your Trusted Natural Gas Consultants and Natural Gas Brokers

Our experienced group of natural gas procurement agents and energy engineers are here to provide you with a comprehensive natural gas procurement analysis and solution. Energy purchasing is about building trusting relationships, and that is exactly what our company is founded on. Whether you are trying to manage a tight budget or manage energy volatility risks, the MEP Solutions team can assist you.

Natural Gas Procurement

Natural Gas Procurement
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A Comprehensive Natural Gas Procurement Solution

Independent, Wholesale Natural Gas Procurement Services

MEP Solutions provides independent, fiduciary energy procurement services to Midwest businesses and public entities. Customers find value from our expert team, which delivers personalized service that is both educational and transparent.

We help you map a comprehensive energy strategy that involves both a utility rate and procurement analysis. At no initial cost, we will take you from start to finish through the energy procurement process. You will be provided with:

  • A complete procurement analysis and benchmarking study
  • Personalized education of the energy market and opportunities to manage costs
  • A comprehensive natural gas procurement strategy and plan

Expert Natural Gas Brokers Who Find Energy Savings

By purchasing your natural gas in the competitive market, your savings can be significant. Now is an excellent time to investigate your risks and evaluate your natural gas purchasing options. Whether or not you are currently purchasing natural gas from a competitive supplier or working with the local utility, we provide insights into today’s market that will help manage your utility bills and set a more accurate budget. Our goal is to empower our customers to make informed and cost-effective energy-purchasing decisions.

Natural Gas Consultants Who Offer a Free Energy Audit and Analysis

There is absolutely no initial out of pocket expense for our services. Our analysis is free. Our report is free. Our job guidelines are simple:

  • Educate
  • Build trust
  • Save money
  • Manage energy risks

Part of The H&H Family

Integrity, Safety & Teamwork Since 1901

H&H has a long, robust history that began in 1901, when it was originally founded by William Hylund. Since then, H&H has evolved to become a key player in the construction and energy services industries.