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MEP Solutions provides a best practices natural gas purchasing and procurement program for our clients in order to help them save money, time, and reduce energy volatility risk. MEP is not a gas supplier, we are an independent broker/consultant who specializes in wholesale natural gas analysis, contracting, bidding, and program management to ensure savings for our clients. Our clients find value from MEP’s team of industry experts who deliver personalized service through detailed and comprehensive analyses and our ongoing program management.

Our program is designed to meet your specific needs and objectives no matter your skill or knowledge level of the natural gas market. We accomplish this through three basic practices:

  1. We analyze your utility bills and current gas program and educate you about about options
  2. We competitively bid to multiple natural gas suppliers and negotiate a fair and balanced contract
  3. Our team actively manages your program and reports metrics of savings


“The folks at MEP are a trusted resource that have helped us lower our operating costs while maintaining high standards of business transparency with our group. I would recommend them to others.”

Cliff Woolever | Administrator at Evansville Manor

“A great company that makes gas procurement cost effective and easy to understand.”

Greg Doverspike | District Administrator at Durand-Arkansaw School District

“MEP Solutions was great to work with and was very transparent with all aspects of the procurement process. They never hesitated to answer any questions and I would recommend them to others.”

Brent Jelinski | District Administrator at North Lakeland School District

“The team at MEP helped us navigate from a single sourced supplier to the competitive market which resulted in substantial savings. I appreciate their personalized service and reports and would recommend them to others.”

Mark Monfre | Energy Manager at School District of Elmbrook


KNOWLEDGE IS POWER – MEP Solutions is not a gas supplier, we are an independent broker/consultant who specializes in wholesale gas analysis, contracting, bidding, and program management. We educate your team about the natural gas supply chain and the benefits and risks associated with it.  Utilizing our decades of experience and the transparency of the markets, we will analyze your current gas program, which empowers us to identify any existing gaps or potential savings opportunities. We then help you understand a clear pathway to savings and take you personally through the process step by step.

COMPETITION SAVES MONEY – The cornerstone of any purchasing program is competition.  There are multiple gas suppliers that sell gas to your local gas utility that are also willing to supply natural gas to you directly.  Our job is to make these gas suppliers compete for your business.  Moreover, we require them to compete using industry standard contracting procedures that eliminate many of the hidden costs that are typical of retail gas supplier contracts.  If these contracts are not structured correctly, you can easily end up paying more for natural gas than you would have paid your local gas utility.  We make natural gas procurement transparent and understandable.

METRICS DETERMINE WINNERS – Is your gas purchasing program a winner?  The only way to know if you are actually saving money is to utilize performance metrics.  If you have a good gas contract with your gas supplier, then metrics are easy.  In fact, you should be able to tell whether you will save money before the month even starts.  With MEP, you can sit back and have confidence in our team, as we constantly monitor and manage your program in real-time.  By following energy industry best practices and using MEP’s experience, we can show you how to save money, while providing regular performance metrics to determine the value of the program.

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